Improving daily operation and management of water networks in the water-energy nexus

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What is WatEner

WatEner is a web platform that improves (daily) operation and management of water networks through real time performance monitoring and smart decision tools integrating data, models and expert knowledge.

Integration of existing data, cartography & hydraulic model

Full GIS environment and hydraulic diagram of the global network elements

– Infrastructural elements, images and documents

– Management and analysis of measured and simulated time series

– Operational thematic maps

Smart Operation
Artificial Intelligence for simulating and improving the operational strategy

Combines expert knowledge and simulation using Pattern Recognition & Business Rules

Training module for simulating new customized scenarios and operational recommendations

10’ Demand Forecast Predictor & Hydraulic Modeling

Automatic Real Time detection of anomalies and events

Time-Line visualization of geolocalized alerts

Clasification by severity degree and type of elements

Quality and availability analysis of data

Decision Dashboards
Business Intelligence for real and simulated scenarios

Operation, Management & Business public-oriented Dashboards

Indicators based on IWA Standard and Supra-indicators for monitoring by management areas

Hydrological balance by sector for calculating the Non-Revenue Water (NRW)

How smart can a Water Utility be?

Effective support in the decision making

Global vision of water –energy nexus to reduce costs and improve efficiency 


Solving expert daily questions on global water networks decisions

Increase in water savings

Anomalies detection for leaks identification on the global water network. Demand forecast & hydraulic model

Reduce energy costs

Improving energy efficiency through Smart Operation
(e.g., Adjustment of pumping schedules according to energy prices)

Short-term profitability (ROI)

Return on investment after 3-5 years based just on energy savings

Role-based and multi-device access

Visibility and functions controlled by user roles. Improved user experience: intuitive, flexible and secure

Strategic business vision

Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and dashboards for control and monitoring of the compliance degree of the operational and business objectives

Maximize inner expert advice

Value enhancement of tangible assets through integration of existing resources (models, data, cartography) and intagibles like inner expert knowledge

Web Platform

Subscription Service Model

– SaaS (Software as a Service)
– Customer Hosted Services

Professional and business growth

Operator support for improving responsiveness and consolidate and share knowledge facilitating an agile decision-making process

Reduce carbon footprint

Public commitment to sustainability and enhanced resources management

Case Study

Stadtwerke Karlsruhe (SWKA)



km water pipe system


Hm³ supplied per year


main pumping stations


inhabitants served

WatEner consolidates the initial promise of saving 5 to 7% of energy for the network pumps of our water works by optimizing the pumping schedule

A very powerful tool to make easy real time access to the relevant data in daily operation such as water production, energy consumption, economic costs or storage volumes

Helped us find new reliable operation strategies improving efficiency in terms of economic cost, water and energy usage and greenhouse gases production

The Partner Program from WatEner provides you with the tools and resources to help you build, run and grow a profitable business.

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WatEner is a technology based company founded by Grupo Inclam and Eurecat Technology Centre.

Created to respond to the needs of the markets for better efficiency in water supply network management.

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