Case Study

Save energy through improved daily operation with

WatEner ICT Smart Solution

Stadtwerke Karlsruhe (SWKA)


“WatEner consolidates the initial promise of saving 5 to 7% of energy for the network pumps of our water works by optimizing the pumping schedule”

Prof. Dr. Matthias Maier
Head of Drinking Water Division
Stadtwerke Karlsruhe


km water pipes system


Hm³ supplied per year


main pumping stations


inhabitants served

Stadtwerke Karlsruhe (SWKA) is a German municipal Water Utility which serves a region with 400,000 inhabitants and distributes about 24 Hm3 of water per year. The water is supplied from four treatment plants and main pumping stations and it is distributed by more than 900 km of pipeline.

The primary objective of the WatEner implementation was to improve the network’s operational management  in order to reduce the energy consumption of the water distribution system. In a supply system made up of modern and up-to-date infrastructures and managed by highly qualified technical staff, WatEner has provided added value as a global solution for network management.

WatEner has been evaluated and tested by technical experts in the area, engineers of SWKA and used by the staff of the control center (24/7) highlighting a precise Demand Forecast System (DFS) per District Metered Areas (DMA) and efficient planning for the pumping schedules in order to reduce the energy consumption and costs.

Benefits & Results

The WatEner platform provides an important set of components for the management of SWKA: visualization of essential operating data, a planning tool for pumping schedules, accurate water demand forecast, efficient use of the hydraulic network model, automatic detection of anomalies, etc.

The outcome of the WatEner implementation at the SWKA The Water Supply System, was presented on October 25th at the “Energy Efficiency in the Water Supply” Congress organized by the Water Technology Center of Karlsruhe (TZW). The results show a reduction of energy consumption of 5-7% and energy costs savings up to 50,000 € per year.

reducción de costes energéticos icono

Energy savings
5%– 7%

incremento del ahorro de agua icono

Economical energy savings
50,000 € per year

visión estratégica de negocio icono

Precise Demand Forecast
System per DMA

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Improvement of daily
operation and management